Change of plans in Cave

The Cave B&B project didn't get off the ground. The owner of the building ran out of money for renovations and backed out, unfortunately. Because of that, the possibility of me getting a work visa for it has also dried up. I'm choosing to see it as a sign that this wasn't the right direction for us, and will be focusing more clearly on the Via Francigena Nord for now, and the area around Sutri.

In the meantime, we've gotten some great footage of some small towns in the region, video clips of me talking about the project, and other images and video with which to make the crowdfunding video. The video and editing work is being done completely for free, by Sergiu Mihailescu, from Romania. Our only expenses were his (very cheap) flights from Romania, and his hostel stay while here. We've put up a few short sample videos of footage from each of the towns we visited, and I am very impressed with both Sergiu's skill and the camera technology.

Feel free to check it out on our Youtube channel and don't forget to like and subscribe :)

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